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Hallmark Iron Completes Truman Balcony

Truman Rail

In 1985 Hallmark Iron Works was contracted by the United States Government to fabricate railings for the Truman balcony. The railings, are an exact replica of an earlier design, originally in place during the Truman administration. The railings exemplify our greatest work and assert that our attention to detail is second to none.

University Commerce Center

The university commerce Center contracted Hallmark Iron to produce a


Hallmark Iron Works provides custom metal structures for residential projects. We can employ exotic materials and cutting edge design to produce one of a kind quality work.

Structural - Grace Bible Church

Hallmark Iron Works actively fabricates and installs numerous structural steel products. Pictured below is a structure intended to support the steeple on a local church. Additionally, Hallmark Iron Works has produced structural components for precarious construction projects including: the metro station and Regan International Airport.

Fedex Field - Redskins

In 1997 Hallmark Iron Works was contracted to manufacture and install, 40,000 feet of railing for Fedex Field Stadium. The contract required fabrication and installation within a six month time-line. Hallmark Iron, successfully completed the project on-time; working around the clock to meet our clients request. Hallmark Iron Works was presented with an Achievement Award by the Associated Builders and Contractors association for outstanding work.